My Mom was the Fastest Swimmer in the World

My mom was the fastest swimmer in the world in 1956. She held 10 World Records in swimming. She could have broken a world record at 13 but was held back because she was “too young.” She could have won several gold medals at the Melbourne Olympics, but the Netherlands boycotted. She could have gone to the Rome Olympics but was told she would be “too old.”She is extraordinary, resilient, and strong. As a female athlete, her career was burdened by other people’s opinions and politics. My mom is a fantastic athlete who loves her sport. While she always wants to win, her love of the sport is more important. I wish that women’s athletics got the support that men’s athletics gets. I wish that women had pay equity. I wish that Brian Kemp focused his passion on elevating athletes instead of signing a discriminatory bill that can potentially subject every athlete to hateful commentary and review.


Together We Can Do This