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As a Registered Nurse, healthcare is front of mind for me, because I’ve seen it firsthand. I know how having access to care can heal and not having access to care can be devastating. Over the last two years we’ve had our lives acutely attuned to the fallout of a global pandemic and the politicization of care. We know that when a loved one is suffering, all we want is for them to be healed. I will work for a healthier Georgia.

Access & Costs

There are over a half million Georgians who would be covered under Medicaid tomorrow if we took the federal funding. These are neighbors who we have a moral imperative to help. It’s also bad economics not to. When people are uninsured, they wait to seek care. Then conditions worsen and ultimately, bills go up. And for now, you’re footing the bill.

A recent Medicare Guide survey has ranked Georgia 50 out of 51 states for elderly healthcare, based on cost, quality and access. At the other end of the spectrum, Georgia is one of the worst places to have a baby because of barriers to prenatal and postpartum care, if you are a person of color the risks double. With prestigious medical schools, world renown hospitals and the headquarters of the CDC, we know Georgia deserves better healthcare policy and outcomes.

Women’s Rights

A woman has the right to make decisions over her reproductive health including abortion.

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Public Schools

During the pandemic, we have become more acutely aware of the complicated role our schools play. Multitasking work with kids doing virtual learning is not easy. I want you to know that as a parent of two graduates of our public schools, that I will do everything in my power to make our kids safe at school so that they can focus on learning in the classroom.

Paying for College

The cost of four-year universities has created a national crisis. Tuition has shot up. That means that as parents, if we want to help pay for our kids’ education, it’s going to be far more expensive than most of us bargained for. Or, if it’s on students, they start their careers knowing that they’ve got a mountain of debt to pay off.

I can’t fix this systemic issue all by myself, particularly at the state level. But I can do my utmost to reinvigorate the HOPE scholarship program and make things a little bit easier here at home.


Environment & Climate

Multinational agreements addressing climate change can be complicated. While we might not be able to influence the outcomes of those discussions, we can have an impact locally.

For us, it means unlined coal ash ponds next to the Chattahoochee River. It means carcinogenic ethylene oxide emissions next to an elementary school. Our representatives are letting these things go on with little sign of changing their tune. We deserve better. As your representative, I would address the challenges immediately facing us. Then, I’d begin building a coalition to discuss concrete steps towards legislation that, while being mindful of our economy, has a serious, far reaching impact.

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Voting Rights

We all have a right to have our voice heard and take part in the Democratic process. If you have to wait in long lines to vote, drive far out of your way to submit your ballot or miss work to make it to the elections office, your government is failing you.

Statewide, people are concerned with purges of voter rolls, with minority communities singled out in particular.

I would push for same day voter registration, so that I don’t have to hear from another resident that they showed up to vote and were told they weren’t allowed to. I would push for a study into our system to safeguard the integrity of our process. And I would interface with our County government and the Secretary of State to figure out how we can work together to open more early voting locations, make mail-in voting easier, and reinstate secured ballot drop boxes.


Equality & Safety

Our state legislature passed a school safety law that doesn’t have the word “gun” in it, at a time when people don’t feel safe going to the movies or dropping their kids off at school. We pass abortion bills that turn women into second class citizens. Multiple leaders have endorsed so-called “religious freedom” bills, which make our LGBTQ community feel unwelcome in Georgia. Put simply, the General Assembly has been writing and passing law after law that no one sent them there to enact. It shows that they are either out of step with their constituents or they’re just willfully ignoring them because special interests or a partisan agenda makes that expedient. I’m not ok with that. You shouldn’t be either. It’s past time that we elected candidates willing to stand up for women, for children, for LGBTQ Georgians, for everyone who is being persecuted.

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Together We Can Do This